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4 Types of Natural Selection

There are four types of natural selection: stabilizing, directional, disruptive, and frequency-dependent. Each type of selection can act on different levels within a population, from the gene to the entire species. Stabilizing Selection Stabilizing selection is a type of natural selection that results in the stabilization...



4 Reasons Why We Need to Find Another Planet to Live On

Humans have long gazed up at the stars, wondering if there was another world like ours out there. For generations, we assumed that Earth was the only planet in the universe that supported life. However, as technology progressed, we realized that there are many more planets around stars identical to our own Sun. Some of these planets appear to be too hot or too...



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4 Biggest Space Station in Sci-fi

The biggest space station in science fiction is a massive, sprawling complex that serves as the characters' home and base of operations. It's usually a key location in the plot, and it's full of high-tech gadgetry and advanced weaponry. This space station is typically manned by a large crew and includes all of the comforts of home, such as restaurants, shops, and recreation facilities. Mothership (ID4)...