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Starship Pros and Cons

The commercial space industry is expanding, with new companies and capabilities appearing

By Pratik Ranjan

Biological Robot vs Electronic Robot

Biological robots, also known as biorobots, are living organisms that have been

By Pratik Ranjan

Biocomputing Pros and Cons

The advantages and disadvantages of bio computing are numerous and complex. It

By Pratik Ranjan

15 Animals That don’t Look Similar but are Related

We all know that animals come in all shapes and sizes, but

By Pratik Ranjan

Exploring the Real-Life Possibility of Doraemon’s Anywhere Door

The enchanting concept of Doraemon's Anywhere Door, offering instant travel to any

By Pratik Ranjan

Pros and Cons of Neuralink – An In-Depth Look at the Technology

Elon Musk’s new goal is Neuralink. Neuralink is a brain computer interface,

By Pratik Ranjan

5 Upcoming Reusable Rockets to Look Out For

Space travel has always been a dream for many, but it has

By Pratik Ranjan