3 Best Local LLM For Home Assistant

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Best LLM For Home Assistant - 3 Best Local LLM For Home Assistant

Imagine a world where your smart home doesn’t just respond to your commands, but also understands and anticipates your needs. That’s the magic of integrating a Large Language Model with your Home Assistant. In this article, we’ll explore the top LLMs that can supercharge your Home Assistant, making your smart home not just automated, but also ‘intelligent’. From understanding complex commands to providing detailed answers, these LLMs are about to take your smart home game to a whole new level. Ready to get started?

Most of the Large Language Models (LLMs) mentioned in this article have one thing in common: they’re all fine-tuned to be capable of function calling. This essentially means that when you ask an LLM to do something, it will respond in a way that resembles a command to the system receiving the command. The system will then carry out the task, much like flipping a switch.

In simpler terms, LLMs are trained to provide responses that can be easily understood and executed by other systems.

To make the most of this model, create a top-notch and tailor-made system prompt that meshes with your home assistant setup. Just so you know, a system prompt is like a helpful nudge that provides the model with its context, clarifies what it’s working on, and outlines what it should do once it gets the go-ahead.!


Home-3B-v2, a Large Language Model (LLM) that’s designed to control devices in your house and answer your questions. It’s trained on a mix of data that helps it understand how to call functions. This means it can not only control your smart home devices, but also understand complex commands and provide detailed answers.

One of the best things about Home-3B-v2 is that it can work in low resource environments. So, if you have a Home Assistant setup on a device like a Raspberry Pi, this model is a great fit.

Home-3B-v2 uses a fixed chat format and a specific syntax for calling functions. It also supports more types of Home Assistant entities. This means it can integrate with your existing Home Assistant setup and control a wide range of devices.

But it’s not just about controlling devices. Home-3B-v2 is also great at answering questions and performing basic logic tasks. For example, it can calculate ages based on the information you give it. This makes it a versatile addition to your smart home.


Forget the limitations of basic voice assistants – NaturalFunctions-7B isn’t just a voice switch; it’s a conversational AI poised to transform your smart home. Imagine natural, flowing conversations where you don’t need to stick to rigid commands. Just express your desires, and NaturalFunctions-7B intelligently interprets them, going beyond surface-level understanding.

The magic lies in NaturalFunctions-7B’s ability to call functions. This means it can seamlessly interact with various tools and utilities on your local network, opening doors to complex automations and personalized experiences. Think of it as having a super-powered assistant who not only understands your words but can also execute intricate tasks with ease.


If you’re looking for a local language model (LLM) that speaks the language of your smart home, then mistral-7b-bnb-4bit-homeassistant is your new best friend. This powerhouse is built on the Mistral foundation, but it’s been specifically trained to understand and respond to your Home Assistant commands. Think of it as your own personal genie, fine-tuned for lights, thermostats, and all your other connected devices.

There were plenty of other Large Language Models (LLMs) that were fine-tuned for function calling, but I didn’t include them as often. They’re either too big or not suitable for small devices with limited processing power. So, I only included those that can potentially run on low-compute devices, like single-board computers, and excel at general-purpose tasks.

I’ll keep updating this list as I discover more LLMs that meet my criteria. And if you think you’ve got some models that fit this description, don’t be shy – drop us a line using our contact page!

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