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While paid TTS models are awesome, open-source alternatives offer a treasure trove of possibilities for those who want to experiment, create, and innovate without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the best free open-source TTS models that are changing the game.

1. Parler-TTS: The Little Engine That Could

Parler-TTS is a lightweight powerhouse that packs a punch. This tiny model can generate high-quality speech that sounds uncannily like a specific speaker – think same gender, pitch, and speaking style! The best part? It’s fully open-source, with all datasets, training code, and weights available for anyone to use and modify under a permissive license. Head over to Hugging Face to explore its capabilities.

2. ChatTTS: The Conversational Pro

ChatTTS is specifically designed for dialogue scenarios, like chatbots or LLM assistants. It’s a total rockstar when it comes to prosody, leaving most open-source TTS models in the dust. With ChatTTS, you can fine-tune your AI’s speech to include laughter, pauses, and interjections, making conversations feel ridiculously natural. Grab it on GitHub and get ready to chat!

3. MARS5-TTS: The Prosody Perfectionist

MARS5-TTS is a novel speech model that’s all about prosody – think rhythm, stress, and intonation. It can generate speech from a teeny-tiny 6-second audio clip and supports multiple languages. Yes, you read that right! This model is a game-changer for anyone looking to create ultra-realistic AI voices. Dive into its awesomeness on GitHub.

4. XTTS-v2: The Multilingual Voice Cloning Master

XTTS-v2 is the ultimate voice cloning machine. With just a 6-second audio clip, you can replicate voices in different languages – think 17 languages, to be exact! It also offers fine-grained control and cross-language voice cloning, making it a total beast in the TTS world. Experience its magic on Hugging Face.

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