All Neuromorphic Processors List

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Neuromorphic processors are computer chips that are designed to imitate the ways in which the brain works. These processors are gaining popularity in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) because they have the ability to significantly increase the efficiency and performance of machine learning algorithms.

In this article, we will provide a detailed list of all currently available neuromorphic processors, along with their key features and applications. This article is sure to provide significant insights into the realm of neuromorphic computing, whether you’re a researcher, developer, or simply interested in the latest breakthroughs in AI technology.

Neuromorphic Processors

Loihi 2

intel loihi neurons - All Neuromorphic Processors List

Intel’s Loihi 2 chip represents a significant breakthrough in neuromorphic computing. The chip provides up to 10 times faster processing and up to 15 times greater resource density with up to 1 million neurons per chip, making it ideal for processing and learning algorithms. The Loihi 2 chip has also been designed with a pre-production version of the Intel 4 process, which allows it to be developed quickly using extreme ultraviolet lithography.

The Lava software framework, which comes with the Loihi 2, is a common software framework that allows researchers and developers to build on each other’s progress. It is an open, modular, and extensible framework, enabling cross-platform execution and interoperability with a variety of artificial intelligence, neuromorphic, and robotics frameworks. With these tools, researchers can develop new neuro-inspired applications for real-time processing, problem-solving, adaptation, and learning.

Akida AKD1000

image GHd6RuBE7O - All Neuromorphic Processors List

Akida AKD1000 is a neuromorphic processor that accelerates AI tasks. It’s different from other neural network processors with its event-based computing and configurable features. Akida AKD1000 can learn from new data and retain previous knowledge, making it highly efficient for training neural networks. It’s customizable with a configurable number of neural processing units, on-chip memory, and network size.

The processor comes with IP deliverables, making it easier for developers to work with, and has on-chip communication and can run full neural networks in hardware. The Akida AKD1000 is a powerful solution for AI applications, providing developers with a range of configurable features to work with.

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