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While there is no definitive answer to which rodent is the most intelligent, there are a few species that are known for their high levels of intelligence.

It is difficult to establish which species is more intelligent since intelligence is difficult to define and quantify. Furthermore, because various species have evolved to specialise in different areas, it is not always possible to compare their intellect directly.

Evolution of intelligence

First lets, understand how intelligence rally evolved in species.

The evolution of intelligence is a complicated and least understood process. However, most scientists believe that intelligence, or the ability to solve problems and adapt to new environments, evolved as a means for creatures to survive and reproduce.

This ability may have originated through simple trial and error mechanisms, where animals that were able to solve problems and adapt to their environment were more likely to survive and pass on their genes to future generations. Over time, this process of natural selection may have led to the development of more advanced cognitive abilities in some species.

Most intelligent rodent

It’s not accurate to say that any of the animals listed below are more intelligent than the others. Instead, each animal has its own advantages in terms of the type of intelligence it excels at. For example, one animal may excel at spatial reasoning, while another may be skilled at problem-solving. Each animal has its own unique abilities and cognitive strengths.


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Rats are generalists; they may not be as intelligent in some areas as other rodents, but they are very adaptable, and they exhibit some of the fundamental characteristics that contribute to their success.

Rats are highly intelligent animals and have been widely studied for their cognitive abilities. They are able to learn and adapt to complex environments, and they have been trained to perform a variety of tasks, including navigating mazes and solving puzzles. They are also social animals and are known to form strong bonds with each other.

Prairie Dog

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Prairie dogs are highly intelligent creatures with complex social behavior. They are social animals that live in enormous communities called colonies and have a sophisticated system of communication and cooperation. They may have the most complex and advanced communication system in the animal kingdom, other than humans.

Prairie dogs have been observed using vocalizations and body language to communicate with each other, and they have even been shown to have distinct “words” for different predators. They are also skilled at solving problems and adapting to their environment.


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Squirrels are intelligent animals that are known for their ability to solve problems. They are able to remember the location of hundreds of food caches and are skilled at finding and retrieving these stores of food, even after long periods of time. They are also agile and quick learners.

Guinea pigs

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Guinea pigs are not as well-known for their intelligence as some other rodent species, but they are still intelligent animals. They have good spatial memory and are able to learn and adapt to new environments. They are also social animals and can form strong bonds with their owners.

Kangaroo rats

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Kangaroo rats are small rodents that are native to North America. They are known for their agility and jumping ability, which allows them to quickly escape predators. Kangaroo rats are also highly intelligent and have been observed exhibiting complex behavior like spatial memory. They are able to learn and adapt to new environments and are skilled at solving problems. Overall, kangaroo rats are intelligent animals that have a number of unique abilities.


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Capibara are extremely sociable creatures. They are the world’s biggest rodent species and live in enormous groups where they demonstrate sophisticated communication and cooperation.

They don’t appear to be particularly intelligent, and they have very simplistic behavior, yet this may give you the incorrect impression of them because they have very cognitive abilities like as opening doors, retrieving objects, and comprehending simple commands.

They may not be as intelligent as the smartest dog, but they are certainly more intelligent than the average house cat.

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