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In the dynamic landscape of language modeling and artificial intelligence, OobaBooga Web UI has emerged as a powerful tool for running language models on your local machine, without the need for an internet connection. It empowers users to harness the capabilities of sophisticated language models right from the comfort of their own PCs. But what truly elevates this platform to the next level are its extensions—small yet potent add-ons that expand OobaBooga’s functionality in exciting and innovative ways.

In this exploration of the “Best OobaBooga Web UI Extensions,” we delve into a selection of these remarkable tools, each designed to augment your language model experience. These extensions represent the cutting edge of AI development, offering users a wealth of possibilities for enhancing productivity, creativity, and functionality.


The “Google Search” extension for OobaBooga Web UI brings the vast realm of the internet directly to your local language model. This powerful extension enables the language model to access and retrieve Google search results based on user input. Please note that, at present, it exclusively supports Google searches.

Using this extension is a breeze. You can seamlessly perform Google searches via the OobaBooga Web UI, and the language model will promptly provide you with the results you seek. It simplifies the process to just a few steps:

Initiate the Search: Start by typing “search” followed by your query. For instance, you could type “search the weather in Nairobi, Kenya today.”

Receive Instant Results: Within moments, the language model will process your request and return Google’s search results tailored to your query.

The “Google Search” extension for OobaBooga Web UI not only enhances your web browsing experience but also makes it more convenient and efficient. Whether you’re searching for information, news, or anything else on the web, this extension has got you covered, bringing the internet’s wealth of knowledge right to your fingertips.

Integrated TavernUI Characters

The “Integrated TavernUI Characters” extension transforms your OobaBooga Web UI into a powerhouse of character-driven creativity. With a suite of intuitive features, it offers unparalleled convenience:

  1. Character Search: Effortlessly explore and discover characters from TavernAI with a robust character searcher.
  2. Efficient Downloading: Quickly acquire your favorite character cards for offline use, ensuring uninterrupted creativity even without an internet connection.
  3. Comprehensive Management: Organize and manage your downloaded cards efficiently, with options to search and delete cards as needed.
  4. Enhanced Filtering: Tailor your character search with text-based filtering and category-based sorting, making it easier than ever to find the perfect character for your project.
  5. Safe and Secure: For a worry-free experience, this extension includes an optional NSFW (Not Safe for Work) blocking feature, ensuring a comfortable and appropriate workspace.

Whether you’re a creative writer, role-player, or just curious about character-driven AI, the “Integrated TavernUI Characters” extension is an indispensable tool for your OobaBooga Web UI, offering a seamless bridge to a world of diverse characters and limitless storytelling possibilities.


The webui_langchain_agent extension for OobaBooga Web UI is a fascinating addition to your toolkit. It empowers you to create a Langchain Agent that leverages the WebUI’s API and taps into the vast knowledge base of Wikipedia to perform various tasks and functions.

Despite its experimental nature and being a work in progress, this extension shows immense potential. It’s worth noting that its functionality is rooted in Python, making it accessible even to those who are relatively new to the language.

To make the most of the webui_langchain_agent extension, ensure that your API is enabled and that you have ‘no_stream’ activated. This combination unlocks the true power of this extension, allowing it to interact seamlessly with the WebUI and harness the wealth of information available on Wikipedia.

With this extension, you have the opportunity to explore the possibilities of language models and web-based information retrieval, creating a unique and dynamic experience within the OobaBooga Web UI environment. Keep in mind that as the extension continues to evolve, it may offer even more exciting features and capabilities in the future.


The bark_tts extension is a powerful addition to OobaBooga Web UI, bringing Suno-AI’s Bark Text-To-Speech technology to your local language model interface. This extension offers a straightforward implementation of Bark TTS, enhancing your interaction with your language model by providing impressive features.

Key Features:

  1. Implicit Multi-Language Support: With the bark_tts extension, you can communicate with your language model in multiple languages effortlessly. The extension’s implicit multi-language support ensures that your conversations are accessible and natural, regardless of the language you choose.
  2. Simple Sound Effects: Enhance your interactions with the language model by adding simple sound effects to the generated speech.
  3. Non-Realtime Playback: While the extension doesn’t provide real-time speech synthesis, it allows you to listen to what your language model has written in response to your queries.


The “mozTTS” extension for OobaBooga Web UI is a remarkable integration of Mozilla-TTS, a cutting-edge Text-to-Speech (TTS) system developed by Mozilla. This extension significantly enhances the voice capabilities of OobaBooga Web UI, offering users the option to generate synthesized speech that is both high in speed and quality. The performance of moztts is closely linked to the choice of voice, with different voices providing varying levels of quality and expressiveness.

Subjective user feedback suggests that moztts outperforms competing TTS solutions like Silero in terms of audio quality.

By integrating moztts into your OobaBooga Web UI setup, you can elevate your language model interactions to a whole new level, enjoying the benefits of Mozilla-TTS’s impressive speech synthesis technology.

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