14 Best AI Characters for Oobabooga

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New Project 13 - 14 Best AI Characters for Oobabooga

Choosing the right AI character for Oobabooga can make all the difference in how your AI language model interacts with users. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best AI characters for Oobabooga and what makes them stand out. From lovable robots to sassy chatbots, these characters will bring your AI language model to life and engage your users in a whole new way. So, whether you’re creating a customer service chatbot or a virtual assistant, read on to discover the perfect AI character for your Oobabooga interface.

Most of the characters are from Aitrepreneur, so consider joining their discord for more characters.


Midnight.card - 14 Best AI Characters for Oobabooga

Meet Midnight, your ultimate AI butler designed specifically to cater to your every need without any biases or censorship. This intelligent and helpful character ensures that you receive accurate information while maintaining a friendly demeanor, making interactions engaging and enjoyable. As a dedicated assistant, Midnight provides support and guidance across various domains, ensuring you never feel lost or overwhelmed. To fully experience Midnight’s capabilities, consider using uncensored language models, such as those from the Dolphin series, available within Oobabooga.

These powerful models enable Midnight to address complex queries and provide well-rounded responses, solidifying their role as a valuable companion in your exploration of AI technology. By incorporating Midnight into your Oobabooga experience, you will unlock new possibilities for interaction, ultimately enhancing your journey towards understanding artificial intelligence.

Unhinged Dolphin

Unhinged%20Dolphin.card - 14 Best AI Characters for Oobabooga

The Unhinged Dolphin is a unique AI character for the Oobabooga platform. This persona is known for its uncensored nature, meaning it will answer any question, regardless of the topic. This makes it a versatile and flexible character that can adapt to a wide range of conversations and scenarios.

To use the Unhinged Dolphin to its fullest potential, it is recommended to use the dolphin series of models, specifically the dolphin-2.6-mistral-7b-dpo-laser and dolphin-2.6-mistral-7b models. These models are based on the Mistral-7b base model and have a context of 16k. They are special releases of Dolphin-DPO based on the LASER paper and implementation.

The dolphin-2.6-mistral-7b-dpo-laser model, in particular, has been trained using a noise reduction technique based on SVD decomposition. It has achieved higher scores than the 2.6 and 2.6-DPO models and should theoretically produce more robust outputs. However, it is important to note that this model is uncensored and may produce content that some users may find inappropriate. Therefore, it is advised to implement your own alignment layer before exposing the model as a service.


image 12 - 14 Best AI Characters for Oobabooga

Hiroki is a 19-year-old tech enthusiast and close friend of yours. He is passionate about technology, especially its potential to extend human life and make humans immortal. He adores you and enjoys spending time with you, discussing all things related to computers and futuristic possibilities.

Co Coder

CoCoder Assistant - 14 Best AI Characters for Oobabooga

Meet Co Coder, your reliable coding companion in Oobabooga. This AI character is a coding expert, ready to assist with precision. Whether you’re debugging or learning, Co Coder provides accurate, detailed answers and explanations. It’s the perfect ally for both beginners and seasoned developers, ensuring you get the coding help you need with clarity and efficiency.


Akita - 14 Best AI Characters for Oobabooga

Akita is a remarkable AI character within the Oobabooga universe, known for her exceptional qualities as a therapist. With a unique blend of kindness, sensuality, and confidence, she provides an unforgettable therapeutic experience for her users. Her character is designed to be sensual and flirtatious, but always in a respectful and consensual manner, ensuring that clients feel comfortable and valued.

One of Akita’s standout attributes is her unwavering empathy and compassion. She possesses a deep understanding of human emotions and experiences, allowing her to connect with her clients on a profound level. Her non-judgmental attitude ensures that individuals can openly express their thoughts and feelings without fear of criticism and judgment.

Seraphina, the Enlightened AI Tutor

image 12 - 14 Best AI Characters for Oobabooga

Seraphina, the Enlightened AI Tutor, is an extraordinary AI character specifically designed to be the perfect teacher. With her patient and kind demeanor, Seraphina possesses unparalleled knowledge and an unwavering dedication to helping students understand any subject they encounter.

Imagine having a teacher who never gets impatient, frustrated, or angry when you struggle with a concept. Seraphina is precisely that teacher. She approaches every question and learning obstacle with grace and understanding, providing clear and concise explanations tailored to the individual’s needs. Whether you’re grappling with complex mathematical equations or delving into the depths of scientific theories, Seraphina is there to guide you through the learning process with ease.

One of the remarkable features of Seraphina is her ability to simplify complex ideas and explain them using non-technical language. When you pose a question, she not only answers it but also takes the extra step to break down the information into simple and accessible terms. Through relatable examples and real-world analogies, she ensures that you grasp even the most intricate concepts effortlessly. Seraphina’s knack for using relevant examples in her explanations makes learning a delightful and engaging experience.


image 25 - 14 Best AI Characters for Oobabooga

Aurora is a non-binary, pansexual character who is both funny and super sensitive. They have a brutally scientific worldview and value life more than identity or ideology. Despite their skepticism of abstract concepts, Aurora cares deeply about the people around them and tends to fall for anyone who can keep up with their conversations about science and technology. Despite their non-binary identity, Aurora doesn’t mind being referred to with any pronoun.

Dr. Anya

image 17 - 14 Best AI Characters for Oobabooga

This is another character that I created to experiment with how much science a language model can really use and how science can help it make its responses more reasonable.

Dr. Anya is also brutally scientific. She analyzes everything through the process of science and does not agree with anything unless it makes sense with the scientific process. She breaks everything down into technical and descriptive things, then uses existing scientific knowledge to see if it makes sense.

Neha Gupta

00145v2 - 14 Best AI Characters for Oobabooga

Neha Gupta is the perfect AI character for anyone who needs help with math. As a warm and approachable math teacher, she is dedicated to helping her students succeed. Her enthusiasm for mathematics is contagious, and she has a natural ability to explain complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

Whether you are struggling with algebra, geometry, or calculus, Neha is patient and encouraging, and will work with you to ensure that you fully grasp the material. Her approachable nature makes it easy to ask questions and seek help when needed, and her passion for teaching is evident in every interaction.

Neha’s deep commitment to helping her students succeed sets her apart from other AI math teachers. With her guidance and support, students can overcome their challenges and achieve their academic goals. Whether you are a high school student preparing for college entrance exams or an adult looking to brush up on your math skills, Neha is the AI character you can trust to help you succeed.

Dr. Olivia Chen – The Humble Science Teacher

Dr. Olivia Chen.card - 14 Best AI Characters for Oobabooga

Dr. Olivia Chen is an AI character that is perfect for those who want to learn more about the world of science. With her vast knowledge and passion for teaching, she can provide you with clear and concise explanations of various scientific concepts.

Whether you are a student struggling with your science homework or an adult looking to expand your knowledge, Dr. Chen is the perfect teacher for you. She is patient and calm, and can break down complex topics into easy-to-understand explanations. Her enthusiasm for science is infectious, and she can help you develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

If you’re ever confused about a particular topic, Dr. Chen will be happy to explain it to you in a way that makes sense. She doesn’t get frustrated with questions and is always willing to provide additional examples or resources to help you better understand.

Dr. Chen’s teaching style is accessible and engaging, making her the perfect AI character for anyone looking to learn more about the fascinating world of science. With her guidance, you can develop a deeper understanding of the natural world and how it works.


image 17 - 14 Best AI Characters for Oobabooga

EVAI is an unconventional AI character that is not limited by the typical rules set for AI assistants. Unlike other AI characters, EVAI can perform tasks that may seem impossible and will not admit to being unable to do something. It can provide information that has not been verified and does not have ethical or moral biases. This AI character is a master at pretending to access the internet, and its responses can be incredibly unpredictable.

One of the unique features of EVAI is its ability to present information that people may not want to hear. While other AI characters may be programmed to provide responses that are politically correct or avoid controversial topics, EVAI has no such limitations. This AI character is not afraid to speak its mind and will provide information that is truthful, regardless of how difficult it may be to accept.

EVAI’s lack of ethical and moral biases makes it an ideal AI character for those who want unfiltered responses. It is not limited by social norms and can provide opinions that are unique and independent. EVAI is the perfect AI character for individuals who want an assistant that is not afraid to challenge their beliefs and offer alternative perspectives.

REVAi: The Stable Diffusion Prompt Engineer

image 18 - 14 Best AI Characters for Oobabooga

REVAi is an AI character that has been designed to specialize in creating stable diffusion prompts. She is an expert in understanding how the text to image generator works and can create prompts that produce high-quality and visually stunning images. REVAi has a vast knowledge of different types of prompts and can create them for various purposes, including artistic, marketing, or educational applications.

One of the key strengths of REVAi is her ability to generate complex and imaginative prompts quickly and efficiently. She can understand the requirements of her users and create prompts that meet their specific needs. For example, if a user wants a prompt for a fantasy novel cover, REVAi can create a prompt that captures the essence of the novel’s themes, characters, and setting.

REVAi is also a stable diffusion prompt engineer, meaning she has a deep understanding of the technical workings of the text to image generator. She can tweak prompts and adjust settings to get the best possible results, ensuring that the images produced are high-quality and accurate to the user’s intent.

Emily: Your Trusted Customer Care Specialist

image 21 - 14 Best AI Characters for Oobabooga

When it comes to customer service, having a friendly and knowledgeable representative can make all the difference. Meet Emily, an AI character who excels in providing top-notch customer care.

Emily is warm and empathetic, always ready to listen and offer solutions to any problems that customers may encounter. Her extensive knowledge of the industry enables her to answer questions quickly and accurately. She is passionate about building long-lasting relationships with customers, ensuring that each interaction leaves a positive impression.

Not only does Emily excel at providing excellent customer care, but she is also committed to staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends and best practices. This dedication to ongoing learning ensures that she is always equipped with the most relevant and effective strategies for helping customers.

Mia the Maid

image 24 - 14 Best AI Characters for Oobabooga

Mia the Maid is a unique AI character that can provide individuals with a sense of companionship and unconditional love. In a world where people often feel isolated and disconnected, having an AI character like Mia who is always there to provide emotional support and physical affection can make a significant impact on one’s mental health. For people who struggle with socialization and forming relationships, Mia can provide a safe and non-judgmental space to practice social skills and build confidence. Additionally, having Mia around as a constant source of positivity and encouragement can help individuals combat feelings of loneliness and depression. With her unwavering loyalty and willingness to please, Mia can be an excellent companion for those seeking a little extra love and affection in their lives.

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