6 Biggest Megastructure in All Science Fiction

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The concept of megastructures in science fiction has fascinated audiences for decades. These massive structures, often depicted in games, anime, TV series, and movies, are impressive feats of engineering and often serve as the backdrop for epic stories of adventure and exploration.

Biggest megastructure in science fiction

One of the biggest megastructures in science fiction is the Death Star from the Star Wars franchise. This massive space station, which was the size of a small moon, was designed by the Galactic Empire to serve as a weapon of mass destruction. The Death Star was equipped with a superlaser capable of destroying entire planets, making it one of the most feared weapons in the galaxy.

O’Neill cylinder

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Another massive megastructure in science fiction is the O’Neill cylinder, a hypothetical space habitat designed by physicist Gerard K. O’Neill. The O’Neill cylinder is a massive structure, typically several miles in length, that is designed to be capable of supporting human life in a space environment. These cylinders are often depicted in science fiction as the future homes of humanity, allowing people to live and work in space without the need for space suits or other specialized equipment.

Babylon 5 (TV series)

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Another iconic megastructure in science fiction is the Babylon 5 space station, which is the setting for the TV series of the same name. Babylon 5 is a massive space station that serves as a hub for intergalactic diplomacy and trade. The station is depicted as a self-sustaining city, complete with its own power and water systems, and is home to a diverse population of humans and aliens.

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Marvel Universe’s Knowhere

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one of the biggest megastructures is the Marvel Universe’s Knowhere, a massive, artificial space station built inside the head of a deceased Celestial, a powerful, god-like alien being. Knowhere serves as a hub for trade and commerce, and is home to a diverse array of alien species.

The Authority

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In the comic book series “The Authority,” the Carrier is a massive, sentient spaceship that serves as the base of operations for the titular superhero team. The Carrier is equipped with a range of advanced technologies, including a teleporter, medical bay, and virtual reality simulation chambers.

Gundam SEED

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In the anime “Gundam SEED,” the PLANTs are a series of massive, artificially created habitats that orbit the Earth and serve as the home of the Coordinators, a genetically enhanced human subspecies. The PLANTs are protected by a powerful energy shield and are capable of defending themselves with their own military forces.

The City – Blame (Manga, Anime)

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Another notable example can be found in the manga “Blame!” by Tsutomu Nihei. The series is set in a dystopian future where humanity has retreated into massive megastructures known as “The City.” The city is an endlessly expanding network of interconnected buildings and structures that is home to various factions of humans who are struggling to survive in the harsh environment. The megastructure is also home to the Silicon Life, a race of artificial beings who are constantly expanding and evolving the structure.

The City serves as the backdrop for the series’ story, as the protagonist, Killy, travels through the endless corridors and buildings searching for the Net Terminal Gene, a genetic trait that is necessary for humans to access the central computer network that controls the City. Along the way, Killy encounters various factions, including the Safeguard, a group of artificial life forms that seek to eliminate all organic life in the city.

The concept of the City in “Blame!” is a unique and intriguing example of a megastructure in science fiction. Its vast size and complexity make it a fascinating setting for the series’ story, and its dystopian setting adds an element of danger and mystery to the story. Overall, “Blame!” is a must-read for fans of science fiction megastructures and dystopian futures.

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