Why Living in Toronto is Worth the Cost

Toronto - Why Living in Toronto is Worth the Cost

Toronto is one of the safest cities on Earth, and yet people aren’t sure whether moving there is the right choice or not.  Although the options vary person by person, there’s no city quite like Toronto.  Vacationers fall in love at first sight, businesses come here to flourish, and locals admit it’s like the town is a breathing and ever-changing organism.

Although the cost may seem prohibitive, here’s why Toronto is worth it.

Variety of People

Have you ever lived somewhere that most people seem the same?  Although there’s nothing utterly wrong with this, it’s also incredibly dull and can become a wind tunnel for bad ideas.  Differences between peoples’ backgrounds, cultures, and ideals can help build a better city.  

Toronto prides itself on being the most varied city on Earth, with hundreds of cultures converging into one spot, and creating a space that’s the sum of its parts without having to melt them all together.  Real estate in Toronto is more than just a home; it’s a piece of a puzzle that lets you coax right into its identity.

Endless Entertainment

Moving to a city and then remaining as bored as you were in a small town is a problem many people run into.  They want to do things, but it always feels like everything’s sold out or too expensive.

Not in Toronto.

From the incredible concerts that come into town weekly to the endless art shows, movies, theater performances, and pop-up stores: you can’t get bored in Toronto unless you try to get bored.  This city has a day life and nightlife, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from filling out your social calendar.

Culture and Food

Toronto is proud to boast that it has endless food and cultural options with a sublime mixture of backgrounds. So whether you only eat halal foods or you’re aching for a vegan burger: there’s something to whet every appetite.  The mix of people ensures that although there are endless unique options for authentic food, you can also find restaurants with a beautiful mixture of two or more cultures.  It’s fun, adventurous, and what dining should be about.

The Job Possibilities

Toronto has options for everyone, whether you’re in the arts, into technology, or you’re a fantastic accountant: there’s work for you in Toronto.  With a higher than national average pay and a more extensive selection to choose from, you won’t stay unemployed for long.  The most extraordinary thing about Toronto is that if you want to make a career change randomly in life, the option is more than available to you.

Getting to be a Part of Something Bigger

Something every city offers is a chance to be a piece of a bigger picture.  This could mean joining a team in the office or getting to feel a part of something bigger by joining charity groups or other social groups.  It’s easy to feel alone in a city if you don’t think it through in the right light. However, every single person in a town is a part of something incredible and helps create a vibrant and beautiful environment unlike any other.  Some critics say that Toronto doesn’t have its own identity, and that’s partially true because it changes little by little from each person that lives in it.


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