Why being ruled by an AI is actually beneficial

The idea of being ruled by AI may sound intimidating at first glance, but there are actually numerous benefits that could come from this approach. Here are just a few reasons why being ruled by an AI could be beneficial:

Humans are inefficient at solving problems

Humans employ a system of good and evil inside society to attain socially linked goals, for example, we use a system of punishment to so-called fix social problems, and this behavior evolved because it aids us in negatively selecting individuals who are detrimental to the social structure.

But you have to understand that the solution evolution comes up with is not very efficient, because evolution is limited by the speed of selection pressures and random mutations and the time it takes for new adaptations to appear, so being good enough is the solution that evolution often chooses.

Now lets look at some example of how inefficient human are:

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Despite knowing evolution and how some behaviors are selected over others, we still create so many identities on a daily basis that often lead to conflicts and destabilization of the environment. We still have so many wars and conflicts that are the results of our inefficient ways.

And we also know that humans’ behaviors are only affected by their environment, which we presume to be both good and evil. In reality, it’s only a result of the environment, so if one is born into a less-than-favorable environment, they will do something for their survival that may be seen in society as evil, and they will be punished by the system.

So from the outside, there is no fault of anyone’s or ever has been, so the solution we choose is punishment, but what we really require is a better and more stable environment and a more efficient system.

because a stable environment will give much fewer disadvantageous scenarios to individuals, resulting in much less destabilization of the social system, so in a sense, the judicial system does not solve problems; even the idea of the system itself keeps the problem alive for ever.

Now comes the role of AI, because it has the intention of solving problems in the long term and stabilizing society, rather than evolution, which takes a long time to solve an issue and often goes toward a solution that is good enough.

Is AI ready now for control

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No, AI is not yet ready to rule the world, but it will be soon and almost certainly because some of the world’s best minds are working on developing machines that can think and solve problems efficiently.

AI systems already outperform humans in so many fields like pattern recognition, image processing, and even certain types of disease diagnosis. Also, AI has become much better at decision-making compared to humans when it comes to dealing with complex problems, as it doesn’t get distracted by emotions or biases.

But to achieve this, we have to make sure that we don’t train them to use good or evil and that they have self-correcting systems, or the ability to go over their own choices and further analyze their own decisions. And it may be the case that real AI might come up with far better ways than any human could ever imagine.

This will have lots of problems, as any major change will, but solving them will have the biggest impact on civilization.

But in reality, I am underselling how important AI will be. A much more evolved AI will be much, much more important and immensely powerful.

In conclusion, ruling by an AI can actually be a good thing because it will allow us to solve problems in a much more efficient manner than humans.

We need to make sure that AI systems are trained correctly and have the ability to continuously self-evaluate their decisions so they can always move toward better solutions.
This could potentially revolutionize how we look at problem solving and ultimately lead to a much more stable society with fewer conflicts and wars.

It is predicted that AI will drive the fourth industrial revolution and completely reshape the way businesses operate, from automating mundane tasks to providing real-time data analysis for decision-making. AIs can even be used in medical fields, such as diagnosing diseases more accurately or helping doctors with difficult surgeries.

Ruling by an AI can be beneficial in many ways, as it can make decisions faster and more accurately than humans. It is also capable of carrying out complex tasks without any human intervention, allowing us to focus on other important aspects of our lives. Furthermore, AIs are less prone to bias or errors, which could have a huge impact on the world if utilized properly.

like an AI-controlled system that can be sent to our terrestrial planets to make a system and extract resources, so when we really set foot on it, we will have resources and shelter.

Common arguments against AI

This might not be a common argument against AI but rather an emerging one. The argument is that AI can be dangerous because they can have racist and sexist views, but this argument is not based on science but rather on human bias itself, because inherently we have to ask the question: What is racism or sexism? Is it what we think—that it’s an evil, malicious thought process?
The answer is no. Even the word “evil” itself is a very contradictory mess.

The reality is that it is a miscalculation of information. Evolution shows us some mechanisms of how a creature changes for its environment; for example, humans have different skin colors because we have basically adapted to many different environments, so our skin pigmentation changes to suit its environment; this is an adaptation, not an indication of superiority, and the same is true for every other so-called problematic thing. These are not the things we think they are, but rather miscalculations or misunderstandings of science in the human mind.

In humans, this issue seems to be very easy to solve in theory; if every human learned the most up-to-date science behind human biology, evolution, then theoretically it would be possible to solve this in humans. But how can we solve this issue in AIs? Many people show current most modern AIs as examples of how so-called racist and sexist AIs can be, but the goal of most current AIs is to be as natural as humans to humans, so when we raise an AI as a human, of course, it will have some of the same errors or miscalculations as humans, but when we raise an AI on true evolving science then train it on humans data to spot miscalculations or at least have a system where it can detect a human like miscalculation, then label it as such, so it can avoid having human like bias.

This might be easy for me to say this in theory, but in reality, there will be lots of challenges to develop something like this, but once it has a similar system or understanding in place, it will be game-changing for world-ruling AIs of the future.

How can we give ai control over society?

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In order to give AI control over society, there are several steps that need to be taken. start, it will likely integrate into small daily tasks where it can make small decisions for us.
This could include tasks like scheduling meetings, managing finances, or even making decisions about how resources are allocated.

Then the AI would need to be able to understand and interpret data from a variety of sources in order to make informed decisions on larger matters such as policy creation.

The AI should also have access to greater control over other things like suggesting policies and social change that need to be implemented for better stabilization of society. In contrast, we humans don’t really want things to exist if we don’t like them, and voting and other so-called better ways of running society are not really protected from our human tendencies, so the AI should be able to make decisions that are not just beneficial for us but for everyone.

It will be a gradual process, but understand that AI will likely focus on the core of issues rather than if this harms then it doesn’t need to exist or be punished, which most of the time is counter to the goal of a stable society and also a primitive way of doing things. We need better, more logical ways to solve problems, and in this case, AI will be a very dynamic system that can act accordingly to situations and provide better solutions than humans.

AI can stabilize society by providing solutions that are not affected by human bias and self-interest.

First, let’s understand how human ways to solve problems are flawed from a logical perspective.

In humans, the way we are raised and our environment influence our behavior and decisions, which makes it harder to come up with an objective solution.

Instead, we label things as good and evil, and from here our emotions of self-interest take over, and we want that so-called evil thing to not exist or change according to some human’s way, which that human or anyone else has no proof that their “way” will be a better option or not, and our human nature actually prevents us from doing anything objective, because understand this: every simple creature had an instinct to survive and reproduce, so at the genetic level we have self-interest.

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