Future scope of Neuralink

Elon Musk’s ambitious plan of combining the human mind to the web to help control machines is nearly at the phase of being delivered for commercial use.

Since Musk hasn’t properly verified a release date for Neuralink I am certain huge numbers of you are interested in what it is and how it will change how people will collaborate with machines.

The underlying objective of Neuralink’s innovation will be to help individuals with paralysis to regain freedom through the control of PCs and smartphones.

The Link is a beginning stage for a new kind of brain interface. As Neuralink’s innovation advances, Neuralink will be capable to increase the channels of interaction with the brain, getting to more brain territories, and new kinds of neural information.

This technology can possibly treat a wide scope of neurological issues, to restore sensory and movement ability, and sure to grow how we cooperate with one another, with the world, and with ourselves.

But this is not it for Neuralink, potentially Neuralink has the limitless uses but today in this post we gonna talk about Potential Uses For Neuralink to help Change Humanity.

Potential Uses For Neuralink



image - Future scope of Neuralink

Telepathy is no longer a sci-fi concept and it becoming real than ever before and with the help of Neuralink, Telepathy can become reality in just a few years.

According to one of the head chip designers at Neuralink, Telepathy can be the next frontier for Neuralink.

Musk also chimed in on this idea and included that the data rate of words is low data and we’re placing an enormous measure of mental energy into compressing the ideas and thoughts on our head into words.

Understanding Consciousness

Right now we understand more about our universe than our brain and with the help of Neuralink, we might explore more about our brain, and we might unlock some extra potential of brains.

As we can understand more about our brain and explore more in this mysterious world, we might able to break many limitations and possibly make ourselves better creatures.

Disease Prediction

image - Future scope of Neuralink

Dream an illness-free future where you realize you know what will happen to you before it occurs so you can prevent it with these devices.

We’ll be able to not just talk of electrical signals but can also pick up chemical signals in the brain and stop the diseases ahead of time.

Gaming with Brain

This is the most exciting things for gamers right now, as Neuralink is continuously developing and improving brain-machine interfaces, Some days we might see something like Virtual world if you are a fan of sci-fi Anime like (SWORD ART ONLINE or Accel World) then you probably know what I am talking about.

Memory Manipulation

nov14 d02 ramirezliu main - Future scope of Neuralink

Memory Manipulation is another Potential Uses For Neuralink.

Memories blur. They get replaced, altered through falsehoods. As the years add up, the original form is no longer there. Even though this seems straight out of the film Memento, In the recent live event of neuralink, Elon musk stated the possibility of replaying memories and altering memories.

AI Symbiosis

image - Future scope of Neuralink

There are many ways that we can go extinct and one of them is AI and Elon musk also says that it’s going to be important to figure out how we coexist with advanced artificial intelligence(AI) and achieving some kind of AI symbiosis.

Having that symbiosis can be good to have a world in the future that is controlled by the combined will of the human of earth.

According to Musk, this going to be important from an existential threat viewpoint to obtain a good AI symbiosis and that’s what might be the most important outcome of Neuralink.


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