3 Functional Prosthetic Hand For Consumer

Prosthetic hands are a fantastic technology for those who have lost limbs, bringing their lives back to normalcy, and it will only get better for people who are limbless.

And keep in mind that I did not add advanced prosthetics in this post because most sophisticated prosthetics are still in development and are usually not available to consumers, so we will only discuss prosthetic hands that are available to consumers.

Open bionics Hero Arm

The Hero Arm is the most affordable advanced multi-grip prosthetic arm on the market, combining multi-grip functionality and powerful looks. The Hero Arm, designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, is a bespoke lightweight and economical myoelectric prosthesis that is now available in over 800 places across the United States for below-elbow amputee adults and children ages 8 and above.


TrueLimb is an exact replica of your opposing limb, down to the fingertips. TrueLimb can be created in hundreds of skin tones using 3D printing, and it weighs only 1.5 pounds. This is the first time a prosthetic arm has had this amount of customisation and comfort. All of this for a tenth of the price of typical prostheses.

Esper Hand

ESPER HAND is a next-generation bionic prosthetic hand that employs a Machine Learning (ML) technique to detect situations, assist in grip selection, and deliver steady, convenient, and intuitive control to each user uniquely. It is the first hand prosthesis that learns the user and gradually becomes an individual tool, much like a part of the body.


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